FRANK MASON R.I.(1875-1965)

Frank Henry Mason [1875-1965] – Biography

Frank Mason was born in Hartlepool and studied at HMS Conway naval School. He  lived in Scarborough and became a marine engineer.

He studied at the Scarborough School or Art and became a founder member of the Staithes Art Club.

In WW1 he was appointed as a war artist while serving in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve. Fifty of his works are shown in the Imperial War Museum in London.

He was commissioned to design Rail Posters. These  included Great Western Railways, British Rail, London Underground Group, London Midland, North Eastern Railways, Scottish, and Great Northern Railways.


National Marimime Museum
Royal Society of British Artists
Royal Academy

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"HMS Victory in dry dock in Portsmouth Harbour c.1930" by Frank Mason artist

Title: “HMS Victory in dry dock in Portsmouth Harbour c.1930”
Medium: Original signed watercolour painting

Frank Mason "Unceasing Service - The Lines Behind the Lines" original poster

Title: “Unceasing Service – The Lines Behind the Lines”
Medium: Original Railway Poster